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How to become a good team leader in the workshop?

The team is the direct creator of factory profits. As the core, the team leader's ability is directly related to the output, quality, and stability of the personnel team. How can one become a better team leader?

  The following 6 suggestions

  1. The team leader should be able to manage things, dare to manage things, and persuade people with reason;

  2. Make good prenatal preparations;

  3. The team leader should have the concept of digital management;

  4. Management during production;

  5. Proactively identify the cause and prevent the same error from happening again;

  6. Proactively promote 5S management.

  1、 The team leader should be able to manage things, dare to manage things, and persuade people with reason

  Do not avoid difficult employees in daily life, be good at helping, and pay attention to the thoughts and emotions of each team member. When workers experience fluctuations, the team leader should be good at communication and work together to solve them.

  The starting point of the team leader's work is to discuss the situation, not the person, and not to bring personal preferences into the work. The team leader takes the initiative to provide technical guidance to employees and arrange process flow.

  2、 Proper prenatal preparation is crucial

  The team leader's preparation before production is directly related to the stability of quality and the improvement of output, starting from receiving the production notice.

  How can the team leader prepare well before production?

  1. Research production process requirements, conduct pre production sample sealing, and communicate with the technical department to resolve any issues that may arise during the sealing process.

  On the one hand, check whether the process sheet and sample correspond? If there are any discrepancies, they should be verified clearly; On the other hand, by sealing samples, one can understand the process requirements and the difficulty of process operations, while also addressing areas they do not understand.

  2. Reflection on the subdivision and arrangement of processes.

  Based on the operational level of the team members, apply the IE principle to calculate the rhythm time, carefully divide the processes, and arrange corresponding vehicles and workers.

  And write a process arrangement table, combining high efficiency assembly lines to prepare for adjusting the actual production process hours.

  3. Preparation of materials.

  Strengthen communication with the workshop and warehouse management, understand the situation of available materials and auxiliary materials entering the warehouse, reflect existing problems, and provide solutions. This is conducive to the connection of production plans, the compactness of production, and the implementation of production plans and the completion of orders.

  3、 Team leaders should have the concept of digital management

  Numbers are not empty slogans, they are the scientific basis for measuring the results of things and convincing people with reason.

  1. Used to increase production.

  Each order process is determined, and the time and working hours of each process are measurable. Therefore, the finished product output of this product is relatively fixed.

  Here are two numbers: working hours and fixed output;

  Due to the strong or weak operational skills of team members and the high or low efficiency, the team leader is accustomed to measuring working hours and using average working hours to help slow and inefficient team members improve their operational skills and efficiency.

  This ensures the fixed output of the team, and on the basis of ensuring the fixed output, through observation, discovering and solving existing problems, it can reach or exceed the fixed output.

  2. Used to reduce waste.

  As a team leader, it is important to know how many materials were received for this order, how many finished products were produced, and to check if the numbers correspond? So the team leader has a concept of numerical correspondence and checks the daily work of the team.

  3. Used to control quality.

  The proportion of rework figures for semi-finished product sampling and finished product group inspection is the standard for measuring product quality. So the team leader is not only responsible for arranging production flow and using their brains to increase output, but also for controlling quality and reducing defective products.

  On the one hand, it is necessary to constantly strengthen the sampling of semi-finished products, inspect the quality of each process and package of semi-finished products, and record the rework ratio, telling and helping team members how to operate to avoid the occurrence of defective products;

  On the other hand, supervise the quality of the group inspection work, understand the proportion of rework in the finished products, especially the quality problems that exist in the finished products that are produced immediately. Otherwise, a large number of finished products will be produced too late, which will result in serious consequences that cannot be returned even if one wants to return them.

  Improving quality is not just talk on paper, it is about effectively controlling the proportion of semi-finished product rework and reducing the proportion of finished product rework. The next level is responsible for supervising the previous level, and the previous level is responsible for controlling it.


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