Vertical Ampoule Bottle Making Machine

Vertical ampoule production line has a high degree of automation, compact structure, high output, reasonable layout and low energy consumption. It can produce 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml ampoule of different diameters. Installation,maintence and training services will be warmly supplied.

Product Details

Vertical ampoule bottle making machine Technical Parameter

Item Unit Parameter
Weight for MachineKGS3000
Plate Rotation MotorKWMotor Gearbox 1.5KW
Chuck Rotation MotorKWMotor Gearbox 1.5KW
Daily power consumptionKWA3KWA/Day
Gas consumption
Natural Gas2.5-10 M³
Oxygen1-4 M³
Air100ml23-100 M³
Gas Pressure  
Coal Gasgr200-250g
Ampoules Output by Machine
1-3ml ampoule outputPcs/hour5000pcs/hour
5ml ampoule outputPcs/hour4600pcs/hour
10ml ampoule outputPcs/hour4200pcs/hour
20ml ampoule outputPcs/hour3800pcs/hour

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